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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Gets UK Release Date!

30th Jul, 2014 | Comments Off

Will the S5 Mini prove to be a success?

Samsung’s latest small smartphone has finally been given a UK release date, with the 7th of August being officially revealed by the South Korean company as its day of reckoning.

The Galaxy S5 Mini is the obvious follow-up to the hugely successful S4 Mini which was released last year, and takes a lot from the Galaxy S5 flagship handset released this spring.

The handset will be available in four colours; black, white, blue and gold and will retail at a rather expensive £398.95 sim-free, with contract handsets costing around £30/month.

Packing a 4.5” Super AMOLED display, a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB RAM and 16GB internal memory, the S5 Mini is one of the stronger small smartphones on the market though, so could well warrant its price tag.

Also included on the handset is a fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor and an IP67 protection rating, meaning a quick dip in the sink won’t be leaving you with a toasted device.

You’ll be able to find the Galaxy S5 Mini online and in high street stores on August 7th, with all good phone retailers stocking the handset in some shape or form.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini? Will you be grabbing it on release day? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Larger 5.5″ iPhone could be on Hold

16th Jul, 2014 | Comments Off

Could the iPhone 6 5.5" model be on hold?

Reports circling the web have long suggested that two iPhone 6 models would be making the rounds this September, with a 4.7” and 5.5” version helping Apple break into the phablet market. But lately, rumours have begun to mention a possible delay on the larger of the two devices, making good reading for plenty of Samsung execs out there.

Obviously, for Apple fans craving a bigger screen this isn’t the greatest news, especially considering that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is set to feature a similar sized screen is preparing for a September release on time.

Rumour has it that Apple has had an issue during the production of its larger display, which is set to be made with Sapphire glass rather than the Gorilla Glass that has features on previous handsets. Namely with problems of touch sensitivity in the corner areas of the handset, something Apple simply can’t tackle whilst keeping the product on schedule.

This also gives us a good reason why we’ve seem more leaks of the smaller 4.7” iPhone 6 compared to the larger version, but then again this could be complete conjecture.

No iPhone was actually announced at WWDC, and no details released by Apple as of yet, but the latest iPhone is expected to hit a drop date in mid-September, similarly to the previous handsets in the line over recent years. An A8 processor is widely expected to find a home in both handsets, along with an upgraded camera and iOS 8.

Hopefully this rumour will turn out to be false, but even if it isn’t we’re almost certain we’ll be seeing a larger iPhone 6 hitting the market sooner rather than later.

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LG Reportedly Working on Windows Phone

11th Jul, 2014 | Comments Off

Could LG really release a Windows Phone?

It appears that the Windows Phone operating system is finally being picked up by smartphone manufacturers other than Microsoft owned Nokia, after it’s been revealed that LG is working on a handset running the system.

Funnily enough, the leak comes from a Microsoft Program Manager’s LinkedIn profile, in which he describes working with Windows systems on LG phones, PCs and TVs. Of course, we haven’t seen this LG based Windows Phone yet, meaning it must be in production, or that the Manager happens to be lying.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any actual details about the rumoured handset, meaning we’re pretty much clutching at straws for possible specs. The same goes for design details as well, it’s so early in the process that we can’t even find any leaks of any sort other than this, meaning that production may not even have started yet.

Pricing details and a release date are also way down the line for now, so you can expect an actual release sometime next year, depending on how fast LG actually plan on working on the handset. But with the LG G3 only just released, the company could have some time spare to work on the handset, meaning a possible winter 2014 release might not be off the cards just yet.

Of course, as we get more news on the mooted handset we’ll be sure to let you know, so keep your eyes and ears peeled! But if you don’t fancy waiting, you can also check out our very own LG deals right here!

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OnePlus One Shipments Delayed Again

2nd Jul, 2014 | Comments Off

How long will we be waiting for the OnePlus One phone?Waiting is something OnePlus One fans have got used to since the handset was officially unveiled earlier on this year, and it looks like that wait is getting longer, after OnePlus announced a 20 day delay on shipments of its debutant smartphone.

The OnePlus One has drawn huge amounts of popularity after it was announced as a ‘flagship killer’, featuring top of the range specs for a discount price.

The handset drew in even more crowds when it announced an invite-only marketing plan, which opened with its ‘Smash the Past’ scheme, asking 100 smartphone users to smash their old phones to buy a OnePlus One instead.

The scheme created mass hype but also brought in criticism, leading to the company allowing users to donate their old phones to charity if users were against smashing them.

Other marketing plans gave customers access to invites, but also on a limited basis, leading many smartphone fans to complain about the strategy, asking the company to put the phone up for sale, rather than making them work for invites.

The handset, which runs on CyanogenMod, a custom version of Android had been expected to be shipped last month, but now it seems users could be waiting until the end of July now.

OnePlus has apologised, and is now allowing invitees to get refunds if they wish, however after waiting so long already, it’s unlikely many will take up that option.

Let’s hope the OnePlus One is all it’s cracked up to be, otherwise the company might have some very angry smartphone users to answer to!

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What are your thoughts on the OnePlus One? Are you waiting for one? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

New Android OS to be Announced This Week!

25th Jun, 2014 | Comments Off

Will the next Android OS come along this week?

News coming out of Google’s I/O developer’s conference is suggesting that we could be having ourselves a brand new version of Android making its way into the public eye sometime this week.

Reports suggest that Google’s keynote will be the stage for the system’s arrival, which is scheduled for today (Wednesday), with the time difference meaning that we should see it here in the UK later in the evening.

The hugely popular OS is currently the most used system on the mobile market, alongside Apple’s iOS, and its update could hit handsets later on this year.

Reports don’t confirm the name and number of the update though, with Google managing to keep it quiet for now, but it is confirmed that the company will stick with the alphabetically named dessert stylings used since Android Cupcake.

Popular suggestions include Android Lollipop, Android Lemon Meringue Pie, and Android Liquorice, all of which would fit the bill.

The update number however is being split between two expected options, with Android 4.5 or 5.0 both in the running, anything else would be a major shock.

Fortunately we won’t have to wait too long to see just how much weight these rumours hold, with the Google Keynote set to kick off later on today.

Of course when news comes through about the next installation of the Android OS, expect to hear more news from us!

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What do you want to see from the next Android update? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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